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Genius Scan PDF ScannerGenius Scan PDF Scanner 2020 IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) is a scanner in your pocket. Quickly scan your documents on the go and export them as JPEG or multi-page PDF files.

Genius Scan PDF Scanner IOS  Features:

  • Detects the page frame, crops it and corrects the perspective: you don’t need to take a perfect straight shot. Genius Scan will remove any unnecessary background.
  • Enhances the legibility of your document: black and white or color post-processing.
  • Batch scanning let you quickly scan pages in a row.
  • Batch import from the gallery to import dozens of photos at a time.
  • Emails the scans as JPEG or PDF files.
  • Creates PDF documents with multiple pages.
  • Organizes your documents with titles, tags and powerful search.
  • Smart document names let you adapt Genius Scan to your workflow.
  • Exports the documents to Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Facebook, Google Drive, OneDrive (including Business accounts), OneNote, FTP, SugarSync, Twitter, WebDAV and other applications.
  • Shares document over Wifi for easy access from your computer.
  • Documents are processed on the phone, not sent to a third-party server.
  • Protect your documents with Touch ID and encrypt PDF files with a password.


  • Quickly scan any document anywhere, when you don’t have a scanner at hand.
  • Avoid buying an expensive scanner that you are never going to use.
  • Have your employees on the road send contracts, sales agreement to the headquarters immediately upon signature.
  • Expedite expense reports by quickly creating a PDF with all your receipts and send them to Expensify.
  • Get rid of all your paper documents by archiving them to Dropbox.
  • Quickly scan a form you just printed when you don’t have a scanner.
  • At the university, take a picture of a whiteboard.
  • Archive handwritten notes or share them with colleagues.
  • Save the perfect recipe after cooking.
  • Save handwritten memos, or book pages for future reference.
  • Share a good restaurant menu on Twitter.


Genius Scan PDF Scanner IOS


What’s New?

  • At the core of Genius Scan is our scanning technology and we’ve improved it once again. Our document detection is now much more accurate (like 10x!) and faster. It’s actually so fast that it can run in real-time, and Genius Scan now autodetects your documents.
  • With the Magic mode, Genius Scan automatically triggers the photo once it’s stable enough.
  • Batch scanning let you scan tons of pages in a couple seconds. Genius Scan is the fastest solution to digitize 20 pages and save them to the cloud!
  • You can also import multiple scans from gallery (gallery batch import).
  • You can now edit the cropping and the enhancement applied to your scans after the fact. This means that if you only notice 5 days later that you cropped out an important part of the document, you can still fix that.
  • Adding a tag is much faster and requires less taps. You can now filter your documents with multiple tags (eg. “expenses” and “travel”) in the main search field. No need to open the side menu anymore.
  • You will notice our redesign, still familiar yet cleaner and more intuitive.
  • That’s a feature for power user, but you might be one without knowing it. Smart document names let you name your documents with flexibility.
  • You can now create multiple smart document names and you will choose which one to apply when saving. Patterns can be such as [date]-Expenses or [latitude]-[longitude]-measurement.
  • Smart Document Name can include a prompt when saving the document. Say you scan a document for a customer, you can use a [customer name prompt]-file smart name, and when you save the document you will be able to enter the customer name in the text field.
  • Ability to view files you uploaded in the Upload History panel.
  • Auto-Upload can be turned on over 3G in the settings.
  • Added support for shared folders in OneDrive.
  • Per page print format (now the A4/Letter/Legal/etc. settings apply to each page independently and not to the entire document).
  • Wifi Sharing accessible in the Upload History panel.
  • Page orientation is now automatically detected from the aspect ratio of your scan, so the settings for page orientation has been removed.
  • Fixed issue with the encoding of PDF keywords and title.
  • Fixed issue of black line on the side of exported scans.
  • Fixed dimension of documents with the “fit” page size, they are now of reasonable printing size.
  • Fixed issue with tags not sent to Evernote with Auto-Upload.

Support Version History:

It application Support iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

  • iPhone OS 1, iPhone OS 2, iPhone OS 3.
  • iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 9.3, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 And Latest release operating system.
  • iPad iOS 4.2.1, iOS 5.1, iOS 6.0, iOS 7.0.3, iOS 8.1, iOS 9.3.5, iOS 10.3, iOS 10.3.3, iOS 11.3, iOS 12, iOS 13.1 (All Series Like Mini/Pro) And Latest release operating system.
  • iPod Mac OS 9, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 11, 12, 13 (All Generation) And Latest release operating system.

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