The Calculator 5.2 IPA Cracked for IOS Download FREE

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The Calculator The Calculator 2018 IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)  combines the Normal and Scientific calculator!

The Calculator IOS Features:

  • History Tape: All calculations are saved and can be copied and forwarded; hide and open with one simple click.
  • Quick Equation Preview: Your current Equation is displayed below the Result.
  • Advanced Mathematical/Scientific Buttons in Landscape view.
  • Basic Calculation Buttons in Portrait view.
  • Calculate with Degrees or Radials.
  • Percent Button will behave just like the Original Calculator.
  • Memory Buttons like the Original Calculator.
  • Invisible Backspace Button: Slide/Swipe the Result Screen with your finger or use the visible Back Button.


The impressive list of mathematical operations you can perform with The Calculator includes: Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Percentages, Cubic Exponent, Cubic Root, Engineering Exponent, Nth Exponent, Nth Root, Power of E, Power of Ten, Power of Two, Square, Square Root, Natural Logarithm, Common Logarithm, Binary Logarithm, Sinus, Cosinus, Tangus, Hyperbolic Sinus, Hyperbolic Cosinus, Hyperbolic Tangus, Arc Sinus, Arc Cosinus, Arc Tangus, Hyperbolic Arc Sinus, Hyperbolic Arc Cosinus, Hyperbolic Arc Tangus, Multiplicative Inverse, Random Number Input and Factorial.

The Calculator ios

What’s New?

  • tweaked the widget.
  • performance improvements.

Version History:

It application Support iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • iPhone OS 1, iPhone OS 2, iPhone OS 3
  • iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and Latest release operating system.

The Calculator 5.2 IPA Cracked for IOS Download FREE

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